Recently, Hometown has made the decision to partner with Rent Bureau to begin helping our tenants build their credit. So, what does this mean for you as a tenant? Hopefully, a lot of good.

We have noticed an unfortunate trend in renting. Tenants are penalized for not paying on time but no reward is given to those who do. We want to try and combat this, to give our tenants an incentive to pay in full when rent is due – and to hopefully give them more reason to want to. We have partnered with Rent Bureau to report good payments. This will allow tenants to gain points on their credit as they strive to establish themselves.

Rent Bureau reports to Experian Credit Bureau. Experian is the number one company property management companies use when running rental history reports. In addition, this new feature that we are providing is at no cost to the tenants.

We would like to kindly notify tenants that we are not the credit bureau, we simply report to them. If a tenant would like to dispute what is reported they must report the discrepancy to Rent Bureau and they will send us a request.

We are very excited about this new venture and hope our tenants are too.

Posted by: Hometown Property Management on January 7, 2019
Posted in: Coeur d'Alene