Here is a list of some of the things that we’ve put into effect:

  • Each tenant and owner has a specific Property Manager that they can call directly for any and all lease questions, property updates, or maintenance requests. Giving our tenants and owners one person in the company to correspond with cuts down on confusion and human error while increasing honest communication. This way, we don’t have to worry about “this person in the office said this” or “this person in the office said that” …it will always come from the same property manager.
  • Prior to inspections, we have been sending out Inspection Letters to notify tenants what we will be looking for when we get there. We don’t want tenants to be surprised when we find something that needs to be replaced or fixed at the tenant’s expense. We want to ensure that the tenant is aware of everything that needs to be done or reported before we get there and discover it. This is in part a response to common requests from tenants, but also a way to cover our backs as a property management company to be able to go back and say, “hey, we told you at least a few days prior to your appointment what we would be looking for and what would happen if we found it.”
  • If you read our last blog post or are one of our tenants, then you know that we have recently partnered with a credit bureau to help our tenants build their credit if they pay rent on time and in full. Too often, property management companies only have consequences but no rewards. We wanted to change that while at the same time giving our tenants an incentive to pay rent on time. We are very excited about this partnership and the benefits it will reap for our great tenants!
  • In the last few months, we have set up an Instagram account for our company to be more involved and engaged with tenants, owners, and the general public who may be interested in working with us. Every month, we do our best to post drawings, polls, welcome homes to new tenants, etc., to keep us engaged with our client base and vice versa. Property management companies tend to get a bad rap…we’d like to change people’s minds!
  • We offer online bill and auto pay to our tenants and owners. This is convenient way to pay rent and makes it easy for us to keep track of payments. Trust us, as much as some tenants would prefer dropping off payment at the office, too many horror stories of management companies losing or mixing up checks have made us realize that that is not the way to go. For those who do not have a computer/smart phone to pay online, we also offer the ability to drop off rent at Mountain West Bank, where they then deposit it into our Hometown Rents account. Trust us, you’d much rather have professionals handling your rent payment.
  • Our office staff, property managers, and owners attended a Fair Housing and Customer Service seminar to receive training and knowledge on how to fairly run our company and treat our tenants/applicants. We want to be sure that we are not only providing world class service but that we are doing it the way it’s supposed to be done.
  • We are expanding! Just within the last week, we have opened up the office unit next to us to create more space for new hires. This is exciting for all of us here at Hometown as new hires means growth and growth means giving us the ability to better serve our new and existing tenants and owners.

As we grow, we will always be tweaking policies and procedures to better accommodate all parties involved. We love to hear feedback from our tenants and owners on what we can do better and how we can improve how we do things. As you read above, we absolutely listen.

Here’s to 2019, a better and more efficient year for everyone working with Hometown Property Management!

Posted by: Hometown Property Management on February 1, 2019
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