Lease Renewals

With spring swiftly approaching we have more and more leases ending. All leases that have already ended are now in a month to month contract. When tenants desire to leave they will need to submit a minimum of 30 days notice in writing. The contract will end on the last day of the next full calendar month following the receipt of the 30-day notice. So if you submit your 30-day notice to us on April 15th, your lease contract would end on May 31st.

Those tenants who wish to leave before the end of their lease term will need to submit a 30 days notice. They will be charged a $500 fee for relisting of the property. They will also be financially responsible until the day the new tenants move in or until their lease ends – whichever comes first.

Two move-out inspections will take place. One inspection with our in house inspector who will do an assessment of repairs and general condition of the home. The tenant is welcome to attend this inspection. Once the inspection starts tenants have officially vacated the unit and will no longer have access or ability to clean or remove any personal property. Once this inspection is complete we send out a professional cleaner to perform a cleaning inspection. Repairs will be completed and the cleaner will come out and prepare the unit for the new tenants.

Move-out Timeline Summary:

Submit written 30-day notice

$500 relisting fee (when applicable)

Turn in keys, garage door openers and parking passes

Move-out repair inspection

Move-out cleaning inspection


Security deposit disposition letter

Posted by: Hometown Property Management on April 10, 2019
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